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SUBJECTS (1-12 of 22)
1 -- See Also Aerodynamics

--subdivision Aerodynamics under land vehicles, e.g. Automobiles--Aerodynamics
2 -- See Also the narrower term Aeronautics, Commercial
3 -- See Also the narrower term Airplanes

--headings beginning with the word Aircraft and Airplane
4 -- See Also the narrower term Airports
5 -- See Also the narrower term Airports
6 -- See Also Airships
7 -- See Also Airships
8 -- See Also Astronautics
Here are entered general works on the scientific, technological, and engineering disciplines needed for the exploration of outer space. Works on the physics and technical details of locomotion beyond earth's atmosphere are entered under Space flight. General and technical works on manned space travel are entered under Manned space flight. Works giving accounts of events and experiences during specific manned space flights are entered under Space flights. General works on travel to the planets or to the stars are entered under Interplanetary voyages or Interstellar travel.
9 -- See Also the narrower term Balloon ascensions
10 -- See Also the narrower term Ballooning
11 -- See Also Balloons

--subdivision Balloons under individual wars, e.g. World War, 1939-1945--Balloons
12 -- See Also the narrower term Condensation trails
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